Doks v0.2

Posted March 28, 2021 by Henk Verlinde ‐ 2 min read

Version 0.2 is here! Introducing the Doks child theme, several DX + UX updates, and easily switching the main functionalities on/off (also optimizing your CSS + JS footprint).

Doks child theme

Doks is now also released as a npm package, making it available as a dependency in the new Doks child theme. This means it’s super easy to update when a new Doks version is released. Just run npm update — that’s all. Of course, you can still use Doks as a starter, if that fits your use case better.

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Syntax highlighting

// Default Doks style
    "title": "apples",
    "count": [12000, 20000],
    "description": {"text": "...", "sensitive": false}
    "title": "oranges",
    "count": [17500, null],
    "description": {"text": "...", "sensitive": false}

Doks now comes with highlight.js as the default syntax highlighter. Use the default Doks style, or use one of the other available higlight.js themes. Or you can still use Chroma — the Hugo default — if you like.

How to add highlight.js →

Math typesetting

Doks now supports math typesetting by making use of the KaTeX library. It is switched off per default. Activate it by setting kaTex = true in ./config/_default/params.toml.

How to add KaTeX →

Doks now comes with breadcrumb navigation. It is switched off per default. Activate it by setting breadCrumb = true in ./config/_default/params.toml.

How to add breadcrumb navigation →


Now you can easily switch the main functionalities on/off in ./config/_default/params.toml (also optimizing your CSS + JS footprint):

  lazySizes = true
  clipBoard = false
  instantPage = true
  flexSearch = true
  darkMode = true
  bootStrapJs = false
  breadCrumb = false
  highLight = true
  kaTex = false

Options →


Doks now supports Bootstrap styling for tables in markdown.

col 1 isleft-aligned$1600
col 2 iscentered$12
col 3 isright-aligned$1

Tables →

Other features and fixes

Full changelog →

What’s next

  • Better UX menus (both mobile + desktop)
  • Add multilingual support
  • Replace FlexSearch with Algolia Search + Autocomplete v1
  • Update documentation

Milestones →

250+ GitHub stars 🌟🎉

Thanks for all contributions to documentation, features, bugfixes and discussions so far! Doks is going fast on its mission to make the easiest and most fun Hugo theme for building modern documentation websites.

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