How to Update

Regularly update the installed npm packages to keep your Doks website stable, usable, and secure.

Check for outdated packages

The npm outdated command will check the registry to see if any (or, specific) installed packages are currently outdated:

npm outdated [[<@scope>/]<pkg> ...]
Example result
Package      Current  Wanted  Latest  Location                  Depended by
@babel/cli    7.17.0  7.17.3  7.17.3  node_modules/@babel/cli   doks
@babel/core   7.17.0  7.17.5  7.17.5  node_modules/@babel/core  doks
eslint         8.8.0   8.9.0   8.9.0  node_modules/eslint       doks
mermaid      8.13.10  8.14.0  8.14.0  node_modules/mermaid      doks
stylelint     14.3.0  14.5.1  14.5.1  node_modules/stylelint    doks

Update packages

The npm update command will update all the packages listed to the latest version (specified by the tag config), respecting semver:

npm update [<pkg>...]

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