How to add KaTeX to your Doks website.

1. Enable

KaTeX support is switched off per default. Activate it by setting kaTex = true in ./config/_default/params.toml.

2. Copy fonts

Copy KaTeX fonts from ./node_modules/katex/dist/fonts/ to ./static/fonts/:

npm run copy:katex-fonts

3. Configure

Customize Doks’ default configuration (if needed) in ./assets/js/katex.js:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  renderMathInElement(document.body, {
    delimiters: [
      {left: '$$', right: '$$', display: true},
      {left: '$', right: '$', display: false},
      {left: '\\(', right: '\\)', display: false},
      {left: '\\[', right: '\\]', display: true},


Excerpt taken from Supernova Neutrinos by Lei Ma.


The average energy of the neutrinos $\langle E \rangle$ emitted during a supernova explosion is of the order of 10MeV, and the neutrino luminosity at the early epoch of the explosion is approximately $10^{52}\mathrm{ergs\cdot s^{-1}}$.
Therefore, the number density of the neutrinos at the radius $R$ is

   n \sim  10^{18} \mathrm{cm^{-3}} \left(\frac{100\mathrm{km}}{R}\right)^2 \left(\frac{10\mathrm{MeV}}{\langle E \rangle}\right).


KaTeX Example

Note, this is an image, because KaTeX support is switched off on this site.


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