Quick Start

One page summary of how to start a new Doks project.


  • Git — latest source release
  • Node.js — latest LTS version or newer

Start a new Doks project

Create a new site and change directories, install dependencies, and start development server.

1. Create a new site

Doks is available as a child theme and a starter theme.

Child theme

git clone https://github.com/h-enk/doks-child-theme.git my-doks-site && cd my-doks-site

Starter theme

git clone https://github.com/h-enk/doks.git my-doks-site && cd my-doks-site
Help me choose Not sure which one is for you? Pick the child theme.

2. Install dependencies

npm install

3. Start development server

npm run start

Doks will start the Hugo development webserver accessible by default at http://localhost:1313. Saved changes will live reload in the browser.

Other commands

Doks comes with commands for common tasks. Commands →

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