Use sensible defaults for structured data, open graph, and Twitter cards. Or easily change the SEO settings to your liking.



title = "Doks"
titleSeparator = "-"
titleAddition = "Modern Documentation Theme"
description = "Doks is a Hugo theme helping you build modern documentation websites that are secure, fast, and SEO-ready — by default."

See also: The Document Title element

Open Graph + Twitter Cards

images = ["doks.png"]
twitterSite = "henkverlinde"
twitterCreator = "henkverlinde"
facebookAuthor = "verlinde.henk"
facebookPublisher = "verlinde.henk"
ogLocale = "en_US"

See also: The Open Graph protocol and Cards


schemaType = "Organization"
schemaLogo = "logo-doks.png"
schemaTwitter = ""
schemaLinkedIn = ""
schemaGitHub = ""
schemaSection = "blog"

See also:

siteLinksSearchBox = false

See also: Sitelinks search box

Chrome Browser

themeColor = "#fff"

See also: theme-color

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