Welcome to Doks! This tutorial will guide you through setting up and deploying your first Doks site.


  1. Install requirements. Install Git and Node.js to get started with Doks.
  2. Start new project. Create a new site, change directories, install dependencies, and start development server.
  3. Set configuration. Set configuration for Meta data, Images, Footer, Alert, and Edit page.
  4. Add pages. Customize the homepage, add a blog post, and add a documentation page.
  5. Add menus. Add pages or links to the main, social, docs, or footer menu.
  6. Add images. Add a small or large image with a Doks shortcode. Images are lazyloaded, blurred up, and responsive.
  7. Deploy your site. Deploy your Doks site to Netlify or any other static web host.

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